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Market Network

Market Network


Market NetworkSince foundation, Jingzhou Tdpetro Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd has provided a large number of oil drilling & servicing equipments for clients in Russia, Middle East, North and South America, Southeast Asia, and Kazakhstan etc. By virtue of the professional knowledge of personnel, the reliable quality of products and the perfect after-sale service, our company has won a widely recognition and trust from clients.

Nanyang Manufacture Center: Nanyang Tdpetro Machinery Co., Ltd


Tel: (+86)-0377-63576903

Mobile: +86-18637713807

Email: tdpetro@126.com

Beijing Market Center: Beijing Handtome Oilfield Equipment Co., Ltd


Tel: +86-010-84787957

Mobile: +86-18611899175

Email: handtome@163.com

Jingzhou Market Center: Jingzhou Tdpetro Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd


Tel: +86-0716-8119287

Mobile: +86-13697193571

Email: jztdpetro@126.com


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