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Service & Support

Service & Support


Service & Support1. Warranty Period

The warranty period of the equipment is eighteen (18) months from delivery date or twelve (12) months from the date which it begin to be put into using, whichever comes first. And the warranty period of the part is three (3) months from delivery date or one (1) month from the date which it begin to be put into using, whichever comes first. If the customer has some additional requirements for the warranty period, we can negotiate it and make a clear agreement in the contract.


2. Quality Assurance

During the warranty period, if the product is confirmed to be inconsistent or defective, the customer has the right to claim on the basis of the written confirmation information. If belong to our fault, we will consult with the client for solution according to the contract and the extent of the problem, and take effective measures, for example replacement, rework, repair, cut down prices, or return goods, to solve the problems. And we bear all the costs caused by the way of replacement of goods, exchange of goods, transportation and other costs.


Service & Support3. Package

Usually, the package for all products are in accordance with the export goods packaging requirements, so the wooden case is fumigation free wooden case, anticorrosion treatment will be taken for the easy to rust or corrosion surface, appropriate protective measures will be taken for easily injured parts. In order to reduce the transportation cost for our customer, we will reduce package volume and number as far as possible.


4. On-site service

Within the warranty period, if the equipment occur any quality problems in the course of using in mainland China (only limited to within the territory of the people's Republic of China, not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions), if need to be provided on-site service, we will provide free on-site service according to the severity of the problem.

If need to go abroad for on-site service, we also can provide on-site service, but the customer should be responsibility for visa fee, round-trip airfare and the lodging and transportation fee in the abroad, and the labor costs and technical service fee should be consulted between the two sides.

For parts, we are not responsibility for on-site service, except where the customer is required.


5. Installation and Commissioning

After the equipment is delivered to the customer, we will provide installation and commissioning service within five (5) working days (in case of holidays, the corresponding extended) according to the customer’s requirement. If we don’t receive the demand from our customer within five working days before delivery, we think our customers give up the service.

We don’t provide installation and commissioning service as well as replacement service for the parts, please install or replace it by yourself, except where the customer is required.


6. After-sales Service

If you encounter some quality problems in the process of delivery, acceptance, installation, commissioning and usage, or some suspected problem you can not determine the cause, please contact with sale staff, or directly with the sales department, you can feedback the problems by fax, e-mail and other written form (simple problems can also be verbal feedback directly). When you feedback problems, in order to solve the problems, you had better provide the following product information simultaneously, including product model, serial number, name, description of the problem, etc.

For the feedback from our customer, we will response within two (2) hours. If need on-site service, the service staff will arrive the same day if distance between our company and the site is less than 800 km, if the distance exceed 800km, the service staff will arrive within two (2) days. If we can not arrive promptly, we will guide the operator troubleshooting by phone, and then provide on-site service.


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